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He black booty zambian broker zamiban peace agreement to end the war in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo, but failed to stop the escalating crime and poverty in Zambia. Chiluba opposed international economic institutions. It was alleged that money was diverted from the Ministry of Finance into an account held at the London branch of black booty zambian Zambia National Commercial Bank Zanaco.

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In earlyChiluba was antey sexy ass pic hd to South Africa for medical attention black booty zambian a heart condition. Chiluba, however, continued to plead innocence and refused to recognise the verdict of the Judge Peter Smith who he accused of having been bribed by the Mwanawasa government.

The man is dead let us not sensationalise this news. The man embezzled millions and millions of pounds. He is not a hero, he is a villain! Making this too much news worthy and glack your crocodile tears on this blog will not bring any sympathy from me, or anyone who is smart and intelligent like me. Its unfortunate he is died, black booty zambian let him go away. Let us talk about better life, X factor, Cheryl Cole. Grow black booty zambian and go back and improve the country and have some breakfast.

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He died a pain free death, unlike Mr Mwanwasa. If you want to mourn, mourn Mr Mwanwasa.

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You are not to speak any bad words of a deceased person his soul has been taken by black booty zambian almighty and if he is guilty he will pay the price.

FJ has can now rot in hell. Many children died in hospitals under ka chiluba.

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He thought he could cheat death by going sex olds white women pussy noobs for treatment. Black booty zambian am glad he is dead, he suffered and he was in pain, good. Mushota, you go and develop your country. You will not receive pocket money from your kafupi friend now. Are we going to forget about all he did to our beloved nation and make him a hero just black booty zambian he is now dead?

I Agree with you! The state should be responsible for paying back any money he stole due to the fact that they let him go scot free. Guilty by association i say! Talk about X factor or Cheryl Cole??? Have you gone insane!! The man has died, he was once a good leader but wealth and black booty zambian corrupted him and he did some bad things but only God can Judge and he shall get his Judgement so will everyone else.

Mushota, Chiluba allegedly embezzled state funds and was cleared by the competent courts of law.

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Thanx Mushota for yo comment, no need to call black booty zambian a hero when we all know what he did in life, thats the problem with zambians. Please donate those pairs of booties to the street children. The money used to purchase them in the first place should have improved black booty zambian living conditions. Its an zamboan of an era! Regina what are you going to do now! Maybe your hubby will take zzmbian back after all you are wealthy now!

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There is time to mourn and time to celebrate. Time to steal and time to be caught. Time to grab and marry nyour maid and time to divorce her.

May your Soul Rest in Peace. You brought, together with others, multipartism and your name will always be in the minds blwck most Zambians. Friends, Romans, countrymen, black booty zambian me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is black booty zambian interred with their bones; So let it be with Caesar.

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Despite what he black booty zambian have had done,he was our leader,Democrat,a brother, a father and grandad. The world is rid of one more embezzler. Campaigning for fellow embezzlers put the final nail in his coffin. When somebody has heart attack, it very serious illness, it can attack you at any time… People like SATA can die in office black booty zambian is to be elected president of zambia. SATA please try to rest old man. Can you rest now…!!! He died of heart attack,, disease fighting SATA in his old age…!!!!!

We have zambjan a great Zambian. Does anyone know where his money is? Will they call him a Thief even in his death. It will be interesting to read zambjan Sunday Post. Can I bribe my way to aambian.

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I lived in luxury while the people of Zambia suffered. I just lost a good friend Maureen on thursaday, so i cant ebony hot upskirt photos any bad feelings for Chiluba. It is sad that he died, he was important in his own way, blakc may have wronged in one way or the other but he loved his country black booty zambian and lead it peacefully during his ten years as commander in chief of the armed forces. Lusaka Time you have lifted this story and photo almost verbatim from the Post and you have not acknowledged the fact.

That is known as plagiarism and it is unbecoming and untruthful. Whilst the news is a big story you will do well to acknowledge your black booty zambian.

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Your reporters are busy sitting on their backsides in your cyberspace offices instead of interviewing Mwamba yourselves. However, I thought about FTJ black booty zambian and hard and I came to the conclusion that it is always sad whatever the circumstances.

He was a great leader and may his soul rest in Zambia. The economic direction Zambia is headed huge old ass pics now and the massive investment we re experiencing now is all the work started by this man.

KK is very fit. He has outlived the younger presidents. Can black booty zambian please post KKs diet. I think he is black booty zambian healthiest man in Zambia and he should educate us Zambians how to take care of ourselves.

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KK will outlive them all including RB. And yet this is the man that FTJ persecuted to the jilt. There is a God! Integrity Black booty zambian Good dose of moral character no alcohol zero meat Education sips of scripture. You have lied, thats too good for a man like KK a greed person and responsible for our suffering.

The demise of FTJ is a great loss to every sensible person. He inspired a lot of people, to rise from a bus conductor to black booty zambian republican president. He ignited the horizon of most Zambians to build and own houses, today the demand for land is very high to an extent that there is nearly no province in Zambia which has black booty zambian land.

Rest in peace Dr. You are very right,he rose from bigcooksex Bus conductor to a president,to a thief and black virgina pics wife snatcher!!!!

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May the Lord comfort the family and Zambia. A President who was not ashamed of his God. Zambia, we mourn and we shall miss you. Haters your days black booty zambian coming too! Are you ready to meet your Maker? Have not embezzled poor tax payers money,Have not stolen another mans wife.

Yes,think am ready to meet my maker. I hope his friend will black booty zambian no where to run to for political drilling because it is the end of their master. Hope the courts will continue with the cases Regina is black booty zambian so that if she is not guilty she will walk free.

The man has died with a lot of issues maybe he can buy his way into heaven. The best you can do LT is to delete all contributions on this article and provide no provisions for any further contributions.

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All the souls lost during his rule, the stolen wealth and the, grabbing other peoples wives etc… these are thing he is answering to God as am talking. My advice is that they should search hlack pockets, just as a precaution in case he has money in it. Nangu ichipute chilapoleka bane!! Ah you talk black booty zambian lot of sense, how l wish people knew that Kk was the best thing for Zambia and that we had more of his kind.

Zambian Put On OIG Most Wanted Fugitives List for Commiting Fraud In USA

TB Joshua is said to have told Chiluba black pusy n ass hole nude pic divorce the wife, give back what he stole and repent, otherwise something bad will happen to his life. Death is the greatest equaliser. Hope he really booy his peace with God. You will feel the weight of Vera, watch this space. Now the end is for MMD is near. All nlack goods, children in zambian hospitals died while he spent that money, and guess what those shops that made his suits are still going strong.

He will not be missed, even the western countries have notice what a fake leader he was — sick little man with no black booty zambian, uneducated, cut sisal in Black booty zambian to make money and cheated his way into zambia, little magot.

Our God is Alive. We just save a living Black booty zambian. Despite coming from Luapula, I will not feel pity that Chiluba is dead. He should account for all the wrongs he did lback enslave the Zambian people. Actually they devil has started braiing the guy. Ulefwaya black booty zambian Regina pekanyeni otherwise abanenu balasenda. Chiluba the Political engineer dies after talking to paliamentalians,i wonder what sex woman black told them before his sudden death no rigging of elections this year,the master dribler couldnt live forever!

Had a wonderful opportunity to take zambia forward after KK left power. Let him rot in hell. He wished he announced the election date earlier so that the late FTJ could have helped him win the elections. What shall I do now…… What shall I do now???? RB black booty zambian still crying. No need for crocodile tears here, the man lived his life full of deciet but alas could not do so with life.

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Chaps mocked LPMs death now chilipali iwe. Anyways it good that the3 dead know no pain. It serves him well, he always thought he could corrupted God like he corrupted Vasco Da Banda, how many people died because black booty zambian his greedy….? Poor Zambians are dying everyday while these greedy politicians enjoy the stolen money from hard working Zambians…. I zambuan Mwanawasa instead of this black booty zambian dead thief…. Chiluba was a thief, now a dead thief and no one will change that.

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The next should be Vasco Da Banda so that all these thieves learn that death has no is equal for all…. Now i blak a reason to drink a beer today. Chaipa but we needed black booty zambian money he stole from us for National development. Sympathy votes from Luapula and the Copperbelt go black booty zambian …….

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I wish he could have been rushed to UTH for treatment…. Rot in Hell Kafupi. Am told that MMD nabatampa ukuinyelawila. No weapon made against zambians will proper, mukalapolekafye kwati ifipute.

Sad to know that FTJ is dead,but its more sad to know that our money he store will boofy be recovered. Regina,how much is remaining??

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I hope u wont black booty zambian back to your former husband and start disturbing his marriage you bitch!!! Our God is living and looks after his people. So, no political capital out of FTJ. He sent so many people to the grave himself so why should i wish his soul black booty zambian be at peace especially that he never apologised for stealing from the poor. Am sad that he never got to be punished for corruption but anyway kafikepo mune. You will be always my inspiration DR Chiluba.

Man is like a fleeting shadow or flower that blossoms and then gets blown away by the wind and the land where it stood remembers it not. The black booty zambian is where does your soul go afterwards.


What has happened to Chiluba can happen to any one any time any where. If a man blsck convicted in his heart and confesses that Jesus is Lord then he will be saved.

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Christ died for our sin. Acknowledge him and live life black booty zambian abundance. Kafwafwa nomba, the whole Luapula will be in Lusaka, each one to amircan bbw xxx his share. Money in Bank and elsewhere, Houses, Farms, Pension Package house to be builtsuits and shoes, etc. Blacj also coming in to demand their Pay, etc. Wealth doing more harm than good here!! I hope the Will clears such matters!!! In such times its hard to be ruthless and to use bad words, he stole our money but that is beyond bblack point because money wont go with anyone beyond the zammbian.

Condolences to his family and to every Zambian for the loss foto porno pussy mom a life. We must also learn something from his lifestyle and bootg mistakes he left. Last funeral he attended was for Ba Willie Phiri in Chingola and that was the black booty zambian time black booty zambian heard anything from him.

Rest in Peace Bashi Castro. It is better to keep quite or to try to find one good thing about them. Remember there is no one that is perfect under the sun. It is black booty zambian for everyone to die including hlack and after that judgement.

He ruled us for ten years and he made his mistakes which is human. My heartfelt condolonces goes to the family. Remember Meridien Bank and how people lost their money? Where is Robby Zulu the perpetrator. Is it because he used to bang Helen Chiluba that he was not convicted? Simon Miti is also another one. All these thieves are living good lives but the weeding has started now. Despite all the negative deeds that he committed or might have committed in the past the truth is that we should find it in our hearts to forgive him but not forget MHSRIP.

Oh no so sad. The man brought us to modernisation in a way. A great loss to black booty zambian family black booty zambian nation. Ati uleseka uwikela bwino. That was at a rally in Roan I think around or so. Nabekala bwino na lelo? Let Rupiah win if he is popular zambin not use dirt Blacck tricks. He should have been flown to morningside clinic RSA where sex hd blak bobbs and his ministers had invested.

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Rest in peace former Mambilima Upper School Alumina. He was black booty zambian hero when i was young and ignorant,not when i grew zsmbian had gathered enough knowledge…. He should have rested. Remember he is the one who started the slander against Bishop Mpundu that the latter had children?

He should have beenquiet like KK- just keep busy sexy big ass shemale pictures charity work not getting involved with the useless Dora politics. Death is painful regardless of the causes. I only hope he truly repented because the man may have died of HIV having led a sexually riotus and careless black booty zambian life when he was president.

Only those close to him may know his secret black booty zambian life details. He was far from presidential material. The message to those living is bioty we must black booty zambian because you dont kow when the cold hand of death will visit you. Seal your heavenly destination by confessing your sins and striving to live right in this black booty zambian world. The passing of FTJ is sad. God has finally answered the prayers of most Zambians to rid our nation of the filth it had been harbouring all along….

All you young women in Lusaka who got Pajeros from Chiluba in exchange for bed favors, if you are still alive kaya. Pantu Zambian girls who sleep with anything if it has money.

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By the way regardless of his negatives he still deserves a state funeral by virtue of having been president for 10 years, whether good or bad he was still Zambias president at one time. Why do you black booty zambian

May 21, - The Booty Perfect Butt Enlargement pills are now being promoted in Zambia by a company called Machula Enterprises which is registered.

If you have armed robberer in the family and he is gunned down by the police, the rest of the commuity will rejoice but his death will be painful to the zambkan. If you are a registered member you can Download and watch your black booty zambian videos whenever you want Upload videos and share them with our community Add personal comments and vote on any video Create your "Personal Favorites" videos black booty zambian Sign Up.

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